Students' Projects


Students' projects

Over my 20+ years of teaching, my students have worked on a wide array of projects, with a particular focus on socially-aware design, sustainability, international and corporate collaborations, and deep understanding of who they are designing for.


Transport for Farmers in Cameroon

Done in collaboration with the global bike company, Specialized Bicycles, this project explored how to improve the lives of people in a rural area of Cameroon. This resulted in a wheeled/portable basket that dramatically improved their capacity to bring goods from field to market, and do so in a way that was more comfortable and convenient (especially for the women who often had this task). Prototypes were developed in the US with input from Specialized' designers, and then students visited Cameroon to meet the users and construct, test and refine the prototypes.


Arbor Solar-Powered Bus Stop

A fully-functional, solar-powered bus stop for San Jose. It increased lighting on city streets, provided a means to charge electronics, and a safe place to wait for a bus or taxi or friends. 



Concept project exploring cutting-edge technologies inspired by biology, and how they could be applied to the home environment.


IKEA Urban Homesteading

What if IKEA created a line of low-cost, stylish products geared toward urban homesteaders?


Live Love Work Play

Students explored the historical and cultural aspects of these four themes, with collaborative involvement from Hong Kong Polytechnic.


Zem House

A Zero Emission house designed in a collaboration with SJSU Industrial Design, Engineering, and Architecture students. A full-size, working prototype was built.


Other Projects

A selection of other student projects, with a focus on sustainability.